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My regulator does not seem to be working, what do I do?

Updated 2 years ago by Eric Stoddard

Here’s a few things to check if your regulator seems to not be working: 

1) Is the o-ring (small rubber band on top or your CO2 tank) broken or damaged?

2) Is the CO2 tank full? By law we can't ship full CO2 canisters, so if you haven't gotten it filled it's probably empty. Empty Weight: around 1.75lb; Full Weight: around 3 lb

3) Make sure the CO2 line is properly and tightly connected to the regulator. See the video here.

4) Make sure your CO2 line is attached completely to the SYNEK Cap or Growler Adaper; there should be an audible "click" when attaching

If your regulator still isn't working after going through the above checklist, please contact us at and we'll make sure to get you what you need!

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