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Can I home brew in my SYNEK?

Updated 1 year ago by Eric Stoddard

You sure can! We have a few different options depending on your normal home brew process. Keep in mind that every beer and home brew setup is different, so it may take some experimentation to get it perfect for yours.

"I typically bottle condition my home brew"

[RECOMMENDED] Hybrid model: Pour the ingredients and priming sugar meant for 1/2 gallon of beer into the bag. Then put the cartridge in your dispenser, turn the temperature all the way down, and hook up the CO2 line only. Depending on the style of beer, it should be carbonated in 3 - 7 days.

Prime in SYNEK Cartridge: Pour the ingredients and priming sugar into the bag. The pressure relief valve will automatically release the pressure! Make sure to measure ingredients properly as too much sugar will cause your cartridge to split.
Force Carbonating: While you can force carbonate with our Cartridges. it will take a little longer. Once you poured it into the bag, just click it onto the CO2 port of the dispenser and it will pressurize the bag for you. The max pressure our bags will hold is 15 psi before it starts to release pressure so it will take longer for the CO2 to absorb.

"I typically keg my home brew"

Prime in a keg then float into a SYNEK Cartridge or Growler: This is the best method - easiest to do and gets the best shelf life. Simply click the quick disconnect on the end of the beer line coming from the keg. Then click the cartridge onto the line and the bag will magically fill and stop when it is at the same pressure of the keg. You'll get a full gallon and up to 3+ months shelf life.

Pro tip: for maximum shelf life, counter-pressure fill your growler or SYNEK cartridges before filling with beer. In other words, fill the growler/cartridge entirely with CO2 first before displacing with beer. You can achieve this by firmly screwing the SYNEK cap on the cartridge, and connecting the CO2 line attached to a CO2 tank. If you're using a large tank, make sure that the regulator is set at 10 PSI or below.

WARNING: Priming/conditioning in glass growlers can be dangerous. In addition to 64 oz. glass growlers, SYNEK growler adapters attach to 64 oz. Plastic PET growlers and stainless steel growlers. 

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